DNS zone file – What does it mean?

A DNS zone file is a fundamental part of DNS (Domain Name System) and, overall, how domains operate on the Internet. At its core, it is a text-based file that describes a zone. The DNS zone file hosts all of the available DNS records for the domain that are kept on the DNS server and used to complete DNS lookups. The domain administrator is responsible for the management of these files. Learn all of the interesting details about the DNS zone file!

DDoS protected DNS service explained 

The DDoS protected DNS service is a service supplied by DNS hosting providers. It gives you the ability to keep your domain name safe and protected from one of the most harmful criminal attempts – the DDoS attacks. This service is extremely valuable, and users could gain significant benefits from implementing it. Additionally, the large network of name servers allows enhanced load balancing. Learn more details about DDoS protected DNS service.

GeoDNS – Definition

GeoDNS is a beneficial technique that spreads massive amounts of incoming traffic. It is also known as global traffic director or just traffic director. The remarkable thing about it is that it operates by responding to requests based on their location. It is a very effective solution that easily optimizes the incoming traffic of your domain name. Discover more interesting details about GeoDNS!